I am not directly against to modern medicine, as I myself am addicted to insulin, but i am a  fighter hwo think old medicine should  be considered  if you are sick. I think it is too easy to get tablets today if you go to doctor.

BTW: after becoming aware of div yoga exercises and what balance in the body can do for me I have halved my insulin doses and blood sugar is completely stable and been there for many years now 🙂
Video of baba ramdev and kaphalbathi yoga I posted earlier, where you will find exercises that do good for pancreatic stimulation etc
I also did some research where in my mother’s school book I found something exciting, she is a trained nurse, and quite early in her book it says that if a patient comes in, employees are required and also look at alternative medicine and not conclude with that it is needed modern without and have looked at the alternatives.  she did her education, this is 20 years ago now, and I hope it is still so. nor did I think one should be looked down on if choosing alternative variants for health.
we have a crown princess who also chooses and thinks a little outside the box (if I may call it that) I enrolled earlier on an online course she and her friend called the angel school, now it is possible they have put it down, but they focused a lot on human aura and take in their energy as well as and preserve your own.
I now think about the energy field we humans go with around us and how it affects our own body and health. Good energy is important! for mood, mind, health, happiness but also the physical sores in the body etc etc

in this video  he goes into more detail on this and he is really worth watching! 🙂

They say you should meditate or sit quietly for 10 minutes each day, clearing your mind.
If you don’t have 10 minutes
sit 20!
check this out if it seemed interesting


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